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Something to Believe In Counseling


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  • Are you tired of being tired?

  • Have you given so much to the job, your friends, or family that you don't know who you are anymore? Is the idea of finding yourself overwhelming enough that you've given it a hard pass...over and over and over again? 

  • Are you ready to takes steps toward pulling away from your companions isolation and depression and learn to live again?

  • Has the substance or behavior that once numbed or helped you cope with your issues compounded your problems to the point it’s hard to remember what normal felt like? Would your loved ones agree?

  • Have you had a traumatic experience that won't let go of you? Are you exhausted by sleepless nights that leave you desperate for peace and quiet? Together, we can learn to manage your anxiety, grief, anger or depression in addition to learning healthy methods of coping with future stressful situations.

Know that deep inside you are resilient, brave and so much stronger and more powerful than your fears!

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(775) 870-6552

(775) 870-6552

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